MD5 – Version 1.5b – show md5 hash, create time, write time, acsess time, change time, attribute, dos and unc and/or uncw (long unc) name of path and file (Freeware)

It shows the md5 hash, create time, write time, acsess time, change time, attribute and dos name of one or a group of files for a given mask. The program allows you to export your data to any delimited file (such as csv). MD5 program is useful for documenting changes to files and folders. In conjunction with the KDiff program allows you to find the changed files (comparing the two files generated by the md5 program).
for Windows
rusmikleАТ Mikhail Tchervonenko or telegram

Important: The author is not liable for any consequences of the program md5.
Md5 program is in testing phase and may contain errors!
By launching program md5 you fully accept the responsibility for her work on yourself.

I agree to the terms of use of the MD5 – download MD5 program (zip file)

Usage: md5 [[Dir]FileMask [Keys]
Example: md5 c:\Documents\*.doc /S /I /HE /CN /QT >> info.csv /E info.csv
Save full Info inklusiv subfolders in csv file and open csv. Hide acsess errors (to info.csv file)

/S – inclusiv files in the subfolder
/MD5 – only MD5 (without the folder and file name
/I – extendet file info (size;create time;write time;access time;attribute;dos name). Replacement for keys: /SZ /DT /DC /DW /DA /DE /DOS /UNC /UNCF /FA
/SZ – show file size
/DT – show all dates and times. Replacement for keys: /DC /DW /DA /DE
/DC – show create date and time
/DW – show last write date and time
/DA – show last access date and time
/DE – show last change date and time
/FA – show file attributes
(attributes: H-hidden, S-system, A-archiv, R-read only)
/DOS – show dos folder and file name (if the current file system is not prohibited short filenames)
/UNC – show unc folder and file name (only network drive)
/UNCW – show long unc folder and file name
/D delimiter – delimiter (default ; ) (for csv)
/FP – expand relative path
/NFMD – hide the first 2 columns (file name and md5)
/QT – add quotes (for csv)
/CN – show column name (for csv)
/SP – split file ans folder name
/HE – hide acsess errors
/E command – execute command at the ent of md5
/H or /? – this help

More about md5 – hash read here