DelFtp 1.0b (Freeware)

DelFtp – Version 1.0b2 – program for deleting folders and files on an ftp server using ftp and ftps (FTP+SSL) protocols

If you need to regularly delete files and/or folders on ftp servers, this program will be useful to you.
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Important: The author is not liable for any consequences of the program DelFtp.
DelFtp program is in testing phase and may contain errors!
By launching program DelFtp you fully accept the responsibility for her work on yourself.

I agree that DelFtp may contain errors and the author is not responsible for using the program DelFtp. Download DelFtp program (zip file)

md5: delftp.exe- F023D912FC34EC171E4D7B6E43F88F2E – 9315271B49777E9D86B1962C5D759DB4
Program for get md5 of file hier

delftp -USER UserName -HOST HostName[ Keys]
Folder and mask can contain predefined variables:
{DATE} – current date, {DATETIME} – the current date and time
(format variable {DATETIME} you can change with this key -DTF),
{YEAR} – year number, {MONTHNAME} – name of the
month, {DAYNAME} – weekday name, {MONTHOFYEAR} – month number
of the year, {WEEKOFYEAR} – week number of the year,
{WEEK OF MONTH} – week number of the month, {DAYOFYEAR} – day
number of the year, {DAYOFMONTH} – day number of the month,
{DAYOFWEEK} – day number of the week, {HOUR} – hour,
{MIN} – minutes, {SEC} – seconds, {MSEC} – millisecond
In all date and time variables, you can add or subtract values.
For example {WEEKOFYEAR-1} will take one week from the current week
number in the year and {DAYNAME+1} will return the name of the next
day of the week. Calculations are always made from the current
date and time.

To obtain a professional version, please contact the author (See e-Mail above).