CopyMik – freeware program for a complex copy, rename (inclusive transliteration), encrypt, decrypt, compress, decompress, backup, restore files and folders, сopying from the shadow volumes.

Unlike robocopy, xcopy, or rsync program CopyMik has rename, compression and encryption features, that
allows the use of several masks at the same time for each key.
The keys are separated for files and folders.
When checking the conditions of copying, compression, encryption and renaming, you can use regular expressions.
Keys and masks can be read from files. Nested references to file keys and masks are allowed.
This eliminates the use of scripts to copy. For example: copy the structure of folders and folders
under their suitable mask with the content.
CopyMik is useful for creating backup copies of files with repeating folder structure.
Allows you to exclude from the backup or rename in the case of the existence of files and folders.
Supports copy acsess rights to files and folders separately. When copying files you can change their encryption or decryption and compress or decompress them, optionally encrypted/compressed files can be renamed in the forward and reverse directions, it is also possible to translate the names of files and folders from 14 languages.
Available are 12 different encryption algorithms that enables consistent encryption of several different algorithms (compulsive encryption), and this in turn greatly hinders breaking and decryption.

CopyMik also Contains many other useful features.

CopyMik 2.28 Beta Build 9 (Freeware)
for Windows
rusmikleАТ Mikhail Tchervonenko or telegram

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Terms of use of the CopyMik program: The author does not bear responsibility for the consequences of using the CopyMik program. The CopyMik program is under testing and may contain errors! Using CopyMik, you fully assume responsibility for the results of the CopyMik program.

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md5: copymik.exe – BF05FD7DCA504899302BBD5483A719AB – 1E6EE731937097537AAD0C4704990073
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For the correct display of all characters of national alphabets that are applied in the names of files and folders, the CopyMik console output encoding is utf8. for proper display of texts with national symbols you have to use the appropriate font in the console or change the output encoding – key / CP

Help to the project

Help information for CopyMik -> Telegram

copymik.exe SourceDir TargetDir [Keys]

SourceDir and TargetDir – can contain predefined variables: {DATE} – current date, {DATETIME} – the current date and time (format variable {DATETIME} you can change with this key /DTF), {YEAR} – year number, {MONTHNAME} – name of the month, {DAYNAME} – weekday name, {MONTHOFYEAR} – month number of the year, {WEEKOFYEAR} – week number of the year, {WEEK OF MONTH} – week number of the month, {DAYOFYEAR} – day number of the year, {DAYOFMONTH} – day number of the month, {DAYOFWEEK} – day number of the week, {HOUR} – hour, {MIN} – minutes, {SEC} – seconds, {MSEC} – millisecond
Now you can read the masks of files and folders from a text file (UTF-8 encoding). To do this, instead of a mask, enter ::PathAndFileName that contains the masks. Each mask must begin on a new line, space characters are taken into account. Masks files can contain links to other masks files.