Mikhail Tchervonenko


Dear visitors, this site contains programs written by me that you can freely use, including programs for commercial purposes. The programs are provided on an as-is basis. The author is not responsible for the results of these programs. Some programs are under testing and may contain bugs. On mission-critical applications, always test these programs first. If you find any problems or if you have any wishes, please inform me via the contact form.
You can also contact me if you have interesting ideas or you want me to develop software fitting the needs of your organization. When writing programs, I use the programming languages ​​Delphi (Embarcadero Rad Studio) / Pascal (Lazarus), C # and C ++ (Microsoft Visual Studio), PHP (PhpStorm). As a data store I use relational databases like Firebird (and branches like RedDatabase), Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL (and branches like MariaDB, etc.), SQLite.