Refresh browser – Version 2.05 (Freeware)

“Refresh browser” updates webpage with a time interval, and monitors the changes in its checksum. If the checksum is changed program can give the signal, pull yourself on top of other windows, start another program passing it the current URL and a link to download a copy of the webpage (if the download was performed). Additionally, when testing checksum, it is possible to check checksum of images, key phrases (exist or not), tags in the HTML page (in the condition AND and/or OR) Phrases can be loaded from the file, the delimiter can be overridden. When checksum change web pages and the conditions of the filter program can save the contents of the web page (source code and pictures) on the disck in the form of text and picture, or export web page as jpeg file. It is also possible to send the contents of the page to the default printer.
Refresh browser enables the emulation of different versions of Internet Explorer until the 11th (But no more than that which you have installed. This is necessary for cases when your desired site does not support the default version of Internet Explorer (7) and display the page is distorted).
The program is easy to monitor various online forums, tracking the emergence of new proposals on the internet auction (ebay, amazon, alibaba ….) and other tasks that require response to changes in the content of webpages and/or displayed images. If you just need a browser that can display itself in a certain monitor, size and condition of the Refresh browser also right for you. Refresh browser does not require installation.

Example: The command to open the Refresh browser this page in monitor with number 1, auto-update will be made only when passing through the window of another program to upgrade intrevalom 10 seconds, with the coordinates verhnevogo corner: top 0 left 408 width 1512 height 1080 If you change the contents of the pages and the appearance of her words [new] program icon will change.
rb.exe /NA /R 10 /M 1 /T 0 /L 408 /W 1512 /H 1080 /IC /TA “[new]”

rusmikleАТ Mikhail Tchervonenko

Important: The author is not liable for any consequences of the program Refresh browser.
Refresh browser program is in testing phase and may contain errors!
By launching program Refresh browser you fully accept the responsibility for her work on yourself.

I agree to the terms of use of the refresh browser program – download Refresh browser program (zip file)

refresh browser V 2.04b