WOL – Wake on lan program (Freeware)

Sends standard magic packet to the PC MAC-Address
The program turn on a computer located in a network
for Windows

rusmikleАТgmail.com Mikhail Tchervonenko

Important: The author is not liable for any consequences of the program.
By launching this program you fully accept the responsibility for her work on yourself.

I agree to the terms of use of the WOL program – download zip file

Usage: wol.exe MAC-Address[ SubnetMask[ UdpPort[ SendRepeat[ RepeatPause]]]]
Example: wol.exe 000E676A3B44 9 5 300

Default Submet Mask:
Default UDP Port: 9
Default SendRepeat: 3
Default RepeatPause: 300 milliseconds

More about WOL and magic packet is there