Visual FoxPro-Multi-Projects Manager ver 1.057 (Freeware)
Visual FoxPro from ver.7.0 SP1 bis ver 8.0 (NOT FOR VFP 9 !!!)
Mikhail Tchervonenko 2004

Date of updating: - 9 July 2004 10:21 (Germany)
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Visual FoxPro-Multi-Projects Manager ver 1.058a (Freeware)
Visual FoxPro from ver.9.0

Date of updating: - 26 December 2005 22:17 (Germany)
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Visual FoxPro-Multi-Projects Manager ver 1.059 (Freeware)
Visual FoxPro from ver.9.0 SP2

Date of updating: - 20 Oct. 2007 04:10 (Germany)
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Attention! This program will rewrite macros for button F12 (VFP) !!!
The link to object "Projects Manager" in VFP - _screen.gopm_toolbar

New opportunities and corrected errors.

ver.1.02 -> 1.02.01

Error at creation of the new project.

ver.1.02.01 -> 1.02.02

Debug button is added.

ver.1.02.02 -> 1.02.03

Error at creation of the new foxuser.dbf.

ver.1.02.03 -> 1.02.04

Script 2 button is added.

ver.1.02.04 -> 1.02.05

Script button for all projects is added.

Start mit F12. (For start after CLEAR ALL)

ver.1.02.05 -> 1.02.06

The problem of a long way is corrected.

ver.1.02.06 -> 1.03

The problem of a CLEAR ALL is corrected.
(F12 - CLEAR ALL).
Not close project on close toolbar
Not close project mit CLEAR ALL....

ver.1.03 -> 1.03.01->1.03.02

Fixed path restore.

ver.1.03.02 -> 1.03.03

Fixed bag for Search patch.

ver.1.03.03 -> 1.03.04

New setting "Close project on exit".

ver.1.03.04 -> 1.04

New Build setting "Build Only mit Build scripts".
New script "On Exit Projects manager toolbar"

ver.1.04 -> 1.05

Search button is added.

ver.1.05 -> 1.051

Editing by search is added.

ver.1.051 -> 1.052

Fixet problem mit Visual Source Safe.

ver.1.052 -> 1.053

Windows of search scaling.

ver.1.053 -> 1.054

Automatic restoration of the project
after performance of a script.
Many fine improvements.

ver.1.054 -> 1.055

Automatic restoration of the project path
after performance of a script.
The projects combobox is increased till 25 lines.

ver.1.055 -> 1.056

Fixet problem mit resizer class.

ver.1.056 -> 1.057

Fixet problem with open files by search.

ver.1.057 -> 1.058

VFP9 Support.

ver.1.058 -> 1.058

Sorry, Error in Archiv.

ver.1.058 -> 1.059

Fixet problem mit Set Talk On/Off, SET STATUS On/Off.
Fixet problem mit system folders.

Questions an online - IRC channel

Server: irc.tomsk.net

channel: #foxpro

Port: 7771

The counter has started: 15.01.2003 18:00 (Germany)

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